These Boots Are Not Made for Walking

I have a favorite “coven” outfit to wear to the next vampire’s vixens regional meeting. I have to look hot because I underplayed it last time. A few hints came my way about it, letting me know that I must step it up. Everyone expects the women to go all out for titillation and amusement. It is part of the game. I bought some new thigh high boots with stiletto heels to wear with a black patent leather miniskirt and matching crop top. With wild hair and exaggerated dark eye makeup on a white face, I will look the part this time. I expect people to catch my new look and post them on Instagram. Wearing a costume helps with the public relations for our group. When people see how much fun we have, we gain a crop of new followers. I won’t let anyone down.

The night of the party, I got ready early to make sure that everything fit and was in place. The boots were really hard to pull on. I thought they were my size but the fit is very tight. No matter. They look great. I arrived to great fanfare and the boots were a hit, but let me tell you, they are not made for walking. Neither are they geared for dancing. We had a band that night and I couldn’t resist showing off my skills. Vampires have special moves, some of which focus on biting your partner’s neck. It is a hoot.

As the night wore on, we got more and more into party mode and despite great pain in my feet, I stayed on the dance floor for hours. I knew I would pay the price later. When I got home, my feet were so swollen that I couldn’t get the boots off. I had to wait until morning. It is hard to sleep in thigh boots, my friend. It was a rough night. At the crack of dawn, off came the boots and out came the foot massager. I had bought it a while back when I first got into wearing super high heels. If you are not a sexy vampire, then what is the point? Ha!

The massager worked wonders and gave me great relief. Without a half hour of treatment, I never would have been able to go to work. By the way, I wore loafers that day. I resumed the morning’s massage that night after a good long soak in a hot bath. I used the maximum available setting to get the most pressure. It is almost as good as a professional foot massage. These handheld models are miracle workers. Any woman who is into fashion needs one in her closet. Now, the question is: will I wear those amazing black patent thigh high boots once again? Of course. If you saw them, you would understand why. Meanwhile, I just keep the foot massager handy.

Stupid Family Gathering

Family gatherings are few and far between in my clan so I attend as requested. They are not the epitome of excitement and I would rather be socializing with my vampire-loving friends. We have a mock coven and enjoy all the accoutrements of the lifestyle from black clothing and capes to drinking blood red liquid, mostly tomato juice. It is a close second to the real thing. I have to forego this type of re-enactment experience to give my family their due. It is an obligation we all face.

I am always greeted warmly, especially by people who do not come most of the time. They give me plenty of love and attention, some of which I don’t want. Sometimes, they drone on and on and I wish I could get away and get a beer from the mini kegerator. Of course, I don’t drink “blood” at a family gathering. Ha! I had a craving for some cold beer and was pleased to see that it was offered along with soft drinks and wine. No one was going after any brew which probably accounted for the stodginess of the party. A bunch of teetotalers! With antics from Uncle Bill and jokes from Cousin Fred, it turned out to be a stupid gathering. It sure was a far cry from my beloved vampire outings.

My family has a few characters in it as most do I suppose. Who stands out in your crowd? There is always a rotten egg in the group. My cousin Bess is so jealous of everyone, mostly me, and lays on the wisecracks about me wearing so much black. Vampire insults pierce my heart like a wooden stake. She likes to taunt me every time, and lays it on thick when she gets a reaction. Does she hope I won’t come any more? If I didn’t, she wouldn’t have her own particular good time.  What a mean streak. I just step away and guzzle more beer. I think I personally put a good dent in the kegerator. I should label it with my name.

I couldn’t wait to leave as I had a coven meeting later that night. We were going to watch Vampire Diaries. I personally prefer Tom Cruise as LeStat or other old genre flicks. Everyone complains that we have seen it hundreds of times. So I acquiesced and we had a better time than the family gathering. I had to vent and relate everything that had happened. Remind me not to accept the next invitation.

I am as social as anyone but I have my preferences of people with whom I wish to mix. Time and energy are precious and in short supply. There are plenty of relatives on my list but some I would like to cross off. The older I get, the less tolerant I am of imbeciles. When some of the young ones grow up, they could make better company.

Getting Even

Vampires are mysterious and mythical creates that absolutely fascinate me. I adored the TV show True Blood. Many of the others in the last few years have been absolutely tame. While it surely is a frightening subject if you have any innate fears, most of the time these pale denizens of the night have been romanticized. That’s okay with me. I enjoy the wonderful novels called gothic fiction like Dracula, Vampire Hunter, Vampire Earth, Twilight (the series), The Vampire Diaries, and hundreds more such as anything by Anne Rice. It is a super popular genre.

I love the websites: How to Become a Real Vampire (ha!) for example. I think my blog has a pretty good title – Vampire Elite Coven. I could spend hours and hours on the Internet finding new ones. There are histories of this breed, descriptions of novels, tips on how to fend them off (the sign of the cross with your index fingers), and how they feed if they are off humans.

Now you know what I am about. Today I want to talk about something that has been bugging me, not related exactly to my hobby and passion. I will start by telling you that I hate my neighbor. He hates that I like vampires (I admit it to anyone) and put up horrid images at Halloween or when I have a party for like-minded folk. I have had many run-ins and have to curb my frequent anger. No hope of converting this dude.

I am furious now that he has installed a portable basketball hoop and plays literally day and night. I hear the constant thumbing of that orange sphere when he practices his dribbling. It is driving me crazy and I am planning my revenge. I have to wait for my moment. I don’t want to just leave a terse note at the door or call him incessantly. I could elicit the help of other neighbors who are disturbed and like me better. They find me amusing and fun to talk to. This guy is itching for trouble and I have a plot.

Since my neighbor plays often at night, I have thought of turning off his electricity to douse the exterior lights. I just have to find the box. I could also put a creepy vampire complete with mouth dripping with blood on his front door. Now I am getting closer to what I want to do.

I have to wait for the right moment to make my move. Revenge is at hand. The problem is, what will he do to me? Will he report me to the authorities or the Vampire king and ask that I be drained of blood. Ha! I can also put jars of human blood in his yard, but they will actually be animal serum. I could pour the stuff on his sidewalk to make his blood curdle. Ha! He wouldn’t then be fodder for my precious and particular vampires who prefer fresh fare.

I Need New Friends

It is sometimes so surprising how much we care about certain things and it causes friction among family and friends. I have gotten into huge debates about mundane issues that are really not worth arguing about. It is better to focus on vital problems in the world such as clean water, feeding hungry children, providing third-world medical care, and so much morel. At home in our own territory we have economic issues of poverty and social issues of race. I am mentioning this today because of what recently happened at a card game with friends.

I had set up a card game using, of course, vampire-themed cards. You can get really good ones these days and some are more rare than others. The idea was to draw a fixed number of cards and note their sequence and point value. After the evening concluded, the highest scores, in top to bottom order, would have the right to select cards to take home. It is just a fancy and fun way of trading. It is kind of a silly pastime in my group, but it is a great way to add to your collection. This is why we get great attendance. It also doesn’t hurt that there are beverages and appealing snacks. I know what they like!

During the final card exchange when people were getting excited about their new acquisitions, a heated argument broke out on which vacuum is better – it was Shark vs Dyson. Really, who cares? Someone had just purchased a new machine and was bragging about it. Another friend who has the other brand wanted to get his two cents in about how great his works. I don’t think it was about who spent the most money as much as how savvy the choice was. It was important to point how the best techniques to buy online and get the best price. It seemed vital to enumerate all the various characteristics of each appliance to show how much the owners know about this item.

I have a vacuum as well and haven’t a clue how it was made, who designed it, what the features and benefits are, and if it has a bag inside or not. I suppose I will take a long next time. They went on and on about attachments and the special value of an upright or a canister model. Others tried to get into the discussion to show interest, but it remained a debate between two angry card mates. Their voices grew increasingly loud and I was worried they would annoy the neighbors. I turned up the volume of music we had in the background. It didn’t soften the argument or deter anyone from spewing a few insults.

I don’t think there was a consensus in the group about either the Dyson or the Shark as both are super well-known and highly coveted brands. I was surprised and a bit aghast at how seriously the issue became.

Interesting Meetup with Another Fan of the Darkness

I love history as much as anyone, but there are some who live and breathe it. I am thinking of a fellow vampire aficionado who has the most unusual backstory. I had the good fortune of meeting him recently. He had his tale to tell. Vampires are known to “live” for a very long time. It may be for centuries or a thousand years. You’ve seen them in movies wearing assorted attire of an era. During this time, they claim to have witnessed actual historical events, being right there in the middle of the action. His story was intriguing. It wasn’t about the Middle Ages as many vampires report. It wasn’t about the 18th century when everyone wore lace collars and powdered wigs. This is quite colorful. Instead, he said that he had made a fortune using a gold sluice during the California Gold Rush. Maybe he knew James Marshall at Sutter’s Mill, the beginning of the frenzy. It was literally mass hysteria.

Not knowing what such a device is, I asked him to give me some details. I remembered a little about the gold mania in the Sacramento Valley early in 1848 and he said he had been there. Wow. He went in search of those precious gold nuggets like everyone else from around the world at the time. He came all the way from Hungary. He blended right into the miner population and no one suspected him of blood sucking—he kept it very quiet. Ha! He stayed until 1852 at which time he was satisfied with his total haul. People had mortgaged their homes and sold everything they owned to come. Some left dejected. Not him. His riches were deep. It was time to move on. Vampires are restless and like to roam.

He told me about the wooden prospecting box called a sluice. He didn’t enjoy backbreaking work trying to extract gold from a mountain side. They were everywhere out west. You could “pan” for gold or go for it whole hog with this nifty sifting object. It would sort sediment and rocks from the good stuff. You saw them everywhere, he explained. They were so used that they literally wore out and had to be replaced. It was the method of the moment. The maker of the sluice was probably a rich carpenter given the demand. The store that sold picks and shovels did equally well. It was boomtown time. California’s population soared. This old-timer vampire was witness to the excitement.

“You were one of the ‘49ers,” I asked. He nodded. I said, “so cool.” Imagine this modern denizen of the digital era way back then wearing a floppy hat and escorting a pack mule complete with saddle bags. He probably frequented the many miner bars and wanted to suck the life out of the saloon gals. “Don’t ask too much,” crooned this creature of the darkness.” But I absolutely wanted to know more.

Terrible News!

As you can tell from the name of my blog, I am into vampires, their history and culture. No, I don’t think I am one. Rather, I am a devotee of the genre. There are wonderful books, TV shows, movies, and lore. You can spend your life gobbling it all up. Given my passion, you can bet that I have collected some interesting paraphernalia over the years. I have vampire masks, jewelry, attire, miniature coffin, coffee mugs, lunch boxes, key chains, toys, and even perfume. The imagery on these items is hysterical and often cartoonish. I also have some serious stuff. It is a treasure trove of vampire value. I have catalogued it all in case I want to sell it on eBay. As for now, I have it stored in one room next to the guest bath.

Most days are run of the mill; but recently, I had a scary moment. I came home from work and found that the water heater at home had broken and a leak became a deluge. The water was everywhere including the room containing the vampire collection. I panicked and thought that most of it, particularly the paper items, would be ruined. This is terrible! How am I ever going to replace them?

I had the water drained by a professional service that I found at, had the water heater repairman come out, and finally set up some huge fans to prevent mold and mildew. This is the protocol when you have inside water and you must be quick. It took days. Meanwhile, tiptoeing through the “flood,” I took stock of the situation regarding the vampire collectibles. I took each one out and dried off the ones that could be salvaged. This included some plastic toys, the coffee mug, and the lunch box. The clothing had to go to the cleaners and most everything else could air dry. A few comic books were drenched and unsalvageable.

The final assessment was that only a few key items were lost. Despite a bit of water damage, the books looked pretty good although no longer in mint condition. But they are just for me in any case. I should count my lucky stars. It could have been devastating. The rug got the worst of it. I will have to wait and see how it turns out when the fans are gone. When I calm down, I will see about replacing the things that drowned. I check the auction sights anyway for any new offerings. I will be on the lookout for comic books as they are so rare. I did have some drawings as well but only the edges have suffered.

Why not anticipate problems in your own home and check out that old water heater? Better yet, get a tankless model as a mode of prevention. You will also save money on your electricity bills and have more room for storage. It is a win-win for sure. Invest in protecting your valuables and you won’t be sorry like me.

Circumventing Sunlight

With all the books on the subject, plus the TV shows and movies, we know a lot about vampires. Google the word and you will get hundreds of results. They can live in small southern towns and co-exist with “shape shifters” (True Blood HBO) and fall in love with humans. They can be wealthy professionals like the doctor and his family in Twilight and its sequels. They can be frightening beasts with mouths dripping blood or civilized beings with hearts. One thing they all have in common is good or bad, they can’t tolerate sunlight. We know what happens when their skin begins to corrode. They sleep in coffins during the day.

Is there a way around the detrimental effects of the sun so they can enjoy a “normal life?” In some books and TV series they get injected with some weird concoction that works for a while. However, a permanent solution for all vampires and their kin still awaits these suffering creatures. If you had to come up with an idea, it might be radiation protection suits. However, they would not be attractive. Edward Cullen, as stylish and beautiful as he is, would never wear one. Nor would any of his “family.”

Circumventing sunlight is easier said than done. Protective clothing is so boring as to ruin the vampire image. A hat and sunglasses makes me laugh. If we are going to offer a suggestion worthy of the genre it should be an auto-darkening welding helmet like the ones from These look amazing like something from Star Wars on a soldier from another planet. In point of fact, this helmet would give Darth Vader a run for his money.

Welding helmets that dim practically upon command—and in a split second—might work if the rest of the vampire is sufficiently covered, including the hands. It is battery operated and needs no electricity. Let’s say we invented one that went on instantaneously as the bloodsucker stepped outside. It would stay on until nightfall or he returned inside. It is a formidable thing and would add to the intimidation of the creature. It is a solid helmet with a window-like face mask that can be replaced if worn or damaged. The material is super sturdy since it is used in foundries or on construction sites. Someone really cool had to design this beauty.

In my fantasy, vampires could buy this welder’s auto-darkening helmet in different colors and styles. Walmart now sells a $40 version for MIG and TIG use painted with black, white and red stripes accented with a checkerboard motif and stylized flames. I kid you not. Who wears this? No self-respecting vampire would dare put it on. Let’s say that the choices will be limited to basic black, white, and charcoal. One or the other color should go with any outfit. What is particularly appealing for the buyer is that the front comes down over the neck, protecting it in case he or she is wearing a crewneck. Ha!

Classic Vampire Films


There have been tons of films dedicated to the legends and tales surrounding vampires. Some depict them as hideous monsters and others in a more complex light. There are gory slasher films and nuanced performances, beautiful period pieces and gritty comic-book stylization. While I could write many posts about the vampire movies I enjoy, I will start with a few of the classics.

Dracula (1931): When you think of Dracula, whether you have seen this film in its entirety or not, you probably picture Bela Lugosi. This adaption of Bram Stoker’s novel was the cinematic introduction that most people had to the lead character of the book, and Lugosi gave an iconic performance. It remains one of the most renowned versions of this tale, despite there being so many adaptions. It is also significant in that you never actually see Dracula’s fangs, nor are there any bite marks displayed throughout the film.

John Carpenter’s Vampires: this film takes an interesting direction by implying that the Catholic Church (the same people who have an exorcism rite) is aware of and actively has an interest in destroying vampires. The vampires in this film have telepathic powers and are damaged in sunlight. The whole film is a quest to find a legendary black cross and use it to perform a ritual that will allow them to be outside during the day, eliminating one of the accepted restrictions involving vampires. It also boasts a talented cast and is definitely worth watching.

Dracula (1979) While this is no Bela Lugosi vehicle, it is good in its own right. And although it lacks Lugosi, anything that has Laurence Olivier in it is going to be worth watching. The lead role, played by the excellent Frank Langella, didn’t wear fangs for his part either. It was actually a stipulation for Langella when he took the role that he refused to do any scenes with bloody fangs. His take on the role was interestingly noble and elegant. For a different perspective on Stoker’s character, it is a good one to see at least once.

Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles.I enjoyed Ann Rice’s books, so this was a natural next step for me. The first film adaption has a talented cast, including Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Christian Slater, Antonio Banderas, and a young Kirsten Dunst. It is a gorgeous period piece set in the lush bayou of historical Louisiana. It’s just beautiful to watch. Interesting, heartbreaking, and creepy all at once.

The Lost Boys: I certainly can admire and appreciate the Frog Brothers and their extensive knowledge of vampire lore. The film also creates the concept of “vamping out,” where a person goes from being themselves into a blood-lustingcreature. There are many references to legend, like garlic (although in this it doesn’t work), holy water (which does), and having to invite a vampire into your home. They also have half-vampires, which is reversible. I like this one because it is interesting and funny at the same time.

Those are the most interesting films for me, and they are the ones that I think of the most when comparing newer films that are released.

Best Books About Vampires

My parents could stop me from watching scary movies as a kid, but they always let me read whatever I wanted. As a result, I started reading vampire fiction and a young age, and I’ve honestly never stopped. Here are two of my all-time favorite books and a couple of good series:

Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It took me a while to get around to this particular novel because I was intimidated by it. I knew that the vampire contained within was not quite the same as the one in the Bela Lugosi film of the same name, and it was hard to get his portrayal out of my head. I am glad that I waited because I don’t think I would have appreciated it quite the same way if I had read it when I was younger. I felt completely immersed in the story based on its format; letters, journals, logs, and various other documents. It blurs the line between reality and fiction very well, even taking in the obvious age of the story—Stoker wrote it in 1897. Many believe that it is the first time a vampire appeared in fiction, which is not true (they appeared in 18th century poetry long beforehand, and the famous competition that brought us Frankenstein in 1814 also bore a short story with a vampire protagonist–based on Lord Byron–called The Vampyre). However, Stoker is considered to be the master, and many traits of his Dracula have been passed down through the ages to even modern-day vampire characters.

Salem’s Lot. Stephen King was inspired by Stoker’s novel and decided to put his own spin on the story: in King’s novel, the vampire does not live in spooky Transylvania; instead, the vampires inhabit a small town like any other on the New England coast. I both enjoyed and was terrified by this book. It felt so much closer to the reality that I inhabit that as a kid, I was almost sure some of my neighbors were actually vampires. I remember consciously never giving them permission to enter our house, believing that if I didn’t welcome them in I would be safe enough inside.

As for series, I certainly loved The Vampire Chronicles. I can’t think of a more effective personality for a vampire than that of the worldly monster, Lestat. I also like Sookie Stackhouse and The Southern Vampire Mysteries, which went on to be the basis of the HBO series True Blood was also something I enjoyed very much. There are romance and humor running through the series, which made it feel more complete than other vampire books I have read. In that same line, the Chicagoland Vampires are a bit pulpier but still good. Notice I haven’t said anything about the Twilight series. I read them and I honestly felt they were a little more teenage-girl love story than actual vampire books. So many of the rules didn’t apply here—like they just sparkled in the sunlight and they drank the blood of animals—that it was hard to remember they really were vampires in the first place.

Let me know what you think of my list and if there are any I forgot. I am always looking for new books to read, so give me your suggestions!

Would You Want to Become a Vampire?

Vampires are usually portrayed as wealthy and worldly in films and literature. Even when they are the cruel villains, they are, more often than not, gorgeous and cultured sirens with charisma to spare. Aside from the necessary blood drinking, there do not appear to be many drawbacks to actually being a vampire. You can’t die from natural causes or disease. You have all the time in the world to learn new skills and profit from them.

But would you really want to become a vampire?

I don’t think I would miss the sun. Unless my family all changed with me, however, I certainly would miss them. I would obviously outlive them all. There would be a point where everyone that I know now would be dead and gone. That might be sad to experience. But who knows—perhaps I would only view people as potential food sources, and I would not care by then.

A popular stipulation in vampire lore is they sleep during the day. I doubt I would miss the sunlight. First of all, people need the vitamin D in sunlight. Without it, they get depressed. But vampires don’t do things as pedestrian as suffer from vitamin deficiencies. Without the actual need for sunlight, I don’t know that it would matter if I experienced it or not.

Much of the mythology around vampires also imbues them with special powers. Often called preternatural, these talents help vampires move about undetected while searching for and luring their prey away from safety. Who wouldn’t want the ability to move so quickly they remained unseen? And nobody would complain about being blessed with enough charisma to get people to follow their every whim. A sharper sense of smell, keen hearing or better vision would certainly be helpful as you go from boring food that you get out of the fridge or pantry and cook to being a true hunter. Again, I don’t see much of a downside.

Some vampires have been more creative in their bloodlust. Some only kill those who were bad and therefore deserving to die and others supplement their need for blood by robbing bloodbanks or killing animals instead. These vampires usually operate in this manner so that audiences will not see them as the villains, but instead someone to sympathize with. I don’t know what kind of vampire I would be, but at this point, I can safely say that I would prefer to be one of those vampires than one who fed and killed without discretion. However, this may simply be a question of exposure—the vampires we see depicted as killing almost indiscriminately are typically the villain, whereas those who seek out bad people or drink the blood of animals tend to be portrayed as more sympathetic and well-rounded creatures.

These are just some of the moral questions one must consider if the moment ever arises and we are given the opportunity to choose. We would have to decide if the risk of losing the life we know would be worth all the gains that being a vampire would provide.

Conflicting Vampire Lore

One of the great things about vampires is that because they are so mysterious, people have taken many liberties within the confines of the legends. There are a lot of different interpretations of what vampires can be, ways to destroy them, and things that they require.

Some legends say that vampires turn into bats, others can shift into other shapes and creatures. Some can blend into shadows. The essential concept here is to help vampires both avoid detection and hunt their prey effectively. They need to be stealthy enough creep up on people and to stay hidden when necessary. And, make no mistake, these attributes are often added to instill fear in the audience. When any shadow can be a threat, it heightens the danger. And many people already have an innate fear of bats—combine that with their nocturnal nature and they were an easy choice.

Sunlight is another restriction. In some instances, it is detrimental to vampires. It ranges in damage; sometimes it is simply blinding, other times it burns or restricts their preternatural talents, occasionallyit will destroy them. In other legends, they hunt at night because it is easier to avoid detection—not because they would be hurt by the light. It also helps enforce their nefarious reputation. Light represents the side of righteousness and good, darkness has a more sinister and evil connotation. There are a few popular vampires that have no difficulty with the sun at all—and those tend to be the more sympathetic characters. This signifies to me that perhaps this restriction is based more on a literary device than an actual need; it could also be tied back to bats, who sleep during the day.

Holy water and religious icons tend to be a big problem for many different types of vampires. Here again, you have more of a classic good vs. evil situation. I believe the origins of this myth were more along the lines of establishing that vampires are the antagonist. Water is both a symbol of and necessity to life, and as such could be a natural weapon against something that is undead or unnatural. If you believe that religion=good, then it is fair to assume that anything holy (like holy water or a crucifix) would be harmful to anything bad. Others simply believe that if you throw holy water on a vampire, all you accomplish is getting him or her wet.

Since these creatures, left to their own devices, would never die, there had to be some way to kill them. Most tales acknowledge that a stake through the heart is part of that plan. I am not really clear on why it often has to be a wooden stake. In theory, the vampire drinks a victim’s blood to replace their own, and that’s how they live forever. I would imagine this means that they don’t have any sort of functional digestive system—because realistically, this is not how anatomy works—so a stake to the gut isn’t going to help. It would also be incredibly difficult to put a stake through someone’s skull, so that option was out as well (although I should acknowledge here that some legends also promote decapitation as a way to rid yourself of vampires). But the heart is the center of the circulatory system, and it ties back to the blood theme nicely. So a stake through the heart seems like the perfect demise.

There are many other interesting quirks and conflicts for vampires; I will probably revisit this topic another time. Until then, leave me your favorite aspects of myths and I’ll be sure to add it to the next one!

The Ankh Symbol in Vampire Mythology

Vampire lore varies by the people who are inspired to create it. Many of the “rules” or requirements of vampires vary from legend to legend. However, some things stand out as common threads throughout much of vampire mythology.

If you spend any time doing research, you’ll come across repeating themes and symbols. One of the things that appears often is the Egyptian symbol of the ankh. It looks similar to a cross, except there is a loop at the top instead of a straight line. You may recognize it; it is one of the most familiar of the Egyptian symbols. It may also be referred to by its Latin name, crux ansata, which translates to handle-shaped cross.

It is believed that the symbol evolved from a simple knot or bow; some theories even have it being borne out of the strap from a style of sandal. Other theories are more sexual in nature. Origin theories are just that—theories. What we do know is this: to the Egyptians, it represented a symbol of life. In their writing, it helped to make up words like “happiness” and “health.” This is significant in and of itself, but it was also much more.

Archeologists have found the symbol on vessels containing water for ceremonial purposes;with water being one of the main requirements for life, this makes sense. More significantly, it is often depicted in the hands of Egyptian deities.  They carry it with them on the tops of scepters or simply in their hands. In other powerful portrayals, they are often holding an ankh to the mouth of kings or queens in order to provide them with the “breath of eternal life.”

It is the last group of imagery and the implications therein that likelyinspired the connection to the concept of vampirism. It has been consistently adopted as a symbol for many covens or Houses of varying beliefs. In addition to celebrating eternal life, the ankh provides both a strong visual and symbolic reminder of the ancient connection we all have.

Broken down, it becomes even more symbolic. When you isolate the shapes of an ankh, you are left with two symbols—a Tau cross (named after the Greek letter it resembles, which is essentially a “T”) and a circle. The Tau crosssymbolizes salvation—both for those who wear it and as a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice to give his people eternal salvation. It is believed that Saint Anthony—himself an Egyptian—carried a Tau cross, and it now heavily associated with the Franciscans. The other symbol, a circle, is a traditional symbol of the unbroken and eternal. Many cultures wear wedding bands specifically because of this interpretation. Combining these two symbols creates a powerful amulet for any who wear it.