I Need New Friends

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It is sometimes so surprising how much we care about certain things and it causes friction among family and friends. I have gotten into huge debates about mundane issues that are really not worth arguing about. It is better to focus on vital problems in the world such as clean water, feeding hungry children, providing third-world medical care, and so much morel. At home in our own territory we have economic issues of poverty and social issues of race. I am mentioning this today because of what recently happened at a card game with friends.

I had set up a card game using, of course, vampire-themed cards. You can get really good ones these days and some are more rare than others. The idea was to draw a fixed number of cards and note their sequence and point value. After the evening concluded, the highest scores, in top to bottom order, would have the right to select cards to take home. It is just a fancy and fun way of trading. It is kind of a silly pastime in my group, but it is a great way to add to your collection. This is why we get great attendance. It also doesn’t hurt that there are beverages and appealing snacks. I know what they like!

During the final card exchange when people were getting excited about their new acquisitions, a heated argument broke out on which vacuum is better – it was Shark vs Dyson. Really, who cares? Someone had just purchased a new machine and was bragging about it. Another friend who has the other brand wanted to get his two cents in about how great his works. I don’t think it was about who spent the most money as much as how savvy the choice was. It was important to point how the best techniques to buy online and get the best price. It seemed vital to enumerate all the various characteristics of each appliance to show how much the owners know about this item.

I have a vacuum as well and haven’t a clue how it was made, who designed it, what the features and benefits are, and if it has a bag inside or not. I suppose I will take a long next time. They went on and on about attachments and the special value of an upright or a canister model. Others tried to get into the discussion to show interest, but it remained a debate between two angry card mates. Their voices grew increasingly loud and I was worried they would annoy the neighbors. I turned up the volume of music we had in the background. It didn’t soften the argument or deter anyone from spewing a few insults.

I don’t think there was a consensus in the group about either the Dyson or the Shark as both are super well-known and highly coveted brands. I was surprised and a bit aghast at how seriously the issue became.