Terrible News!

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As you can tell from the name of my blog, I am into vampires, their history and culture. No, I don’t think I am one. Rather, I am a devotee of the genre. There are wonderful books, TV shows, movies, and lore. You can spend your life gobbling it all up. Given my passion, you can bet that I have collected some interesting paraphernalia over the years. I have vampire masks, jewelry, attire, miniature coffin, coffee mugs, lunch boxes, key chains, toys, and even perfume. The imagery on these items is hysterical and often cartoonish. I also have some serious stuff. It is a treasure trove of vampire value. I have catalogued it all in case I want to sell it on eBay. As for now, I have it stored in one room next to the guest bath.

Most days are run of the mill; but recently, I had a scary moment. I came home from work and found that the water heater at home had broken and a leak became a deluge. The water was everywhere including the room containing the vampire collection. I panicked and thought that most of it, particularly the paper items, would be ruined. This is terrible! How am I ever going to replace them?

I had the water drained by a professional service that I found at https://www.waterheaterwatch.com/, had the water heater repairman come out, and finally set up some huge fans to prevent mold and mildew. This is the protocol when you have inside water and you must be quick. It took days. Meanwhile, tiptoeing through the “flood,” I took stock of the situation regarding the vampire collectibles. I took each one out and dried off the ones that could be salvaged. This included some plastic toys, the coffee mug, and the lunch box. The clothing had to go to the cleaners and most everything else could air dry. A few comic books were drenched and unsalvageable.

The final assessment was that only a few key items were lost. Despite a bit of water damage, the books looked pretty good although no longer in mint condition. But they are just for me in any case. I should count my lucky stars. It could have been devastating. The rug got the worst of it. I will have to wait and see how it turns out when the fans are gone. When I calm down, I will see about replacing the things that drowned. I check the auction sights anyway for any new offerings. I will be on the lookout for comic books as they are so rare. I did have some drawings as well but only the edges have suffered.

Why not anticipate problems in your own home and check out that old water heater? Better yet, get a tankless model as a mode of prevention. You will also save money on your electricity bills and have more room for storage. It is a win-win for sure. Invest in protecting your valuables and you won’t be sorry like me.