Stupid Family Gathering

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Family gatherings are few and far between in my clan so I attend as requested. They are not the epitome of excitement and I would rather be socializing with my vampire-loving friends. We have a mock coven and enjoy all the accoutrements of the lifestyle from black clothing and capes to drinking blood red liquid, mostly tomato juice. It is a close second to the real thing. I have to forego this type of re-enactment experience to give my family their due. It is an obligation we all face.

I am always greeted warmly, especially by people who do not come most of the time. They give me plenty of love and attention, some of which I don’t want. Sometimes, they drone on and on and I wish I could get away and get a beer from the mini kegerator. Of course, I don’t drink “blood” at a family gathering. Ha! I had a craving for some cold beer and was pleased to see that it was offered along with soft drinks and wine. No one was going after any brew which probably accounted for the stodginess of the party. A bunch of teetotalers! With antics from Uncle Bill and jokes from Cousin Fred, it turned out to be a stupid gathering. It sure was a far cry from my beloved vampire outings.

My family has a few characters in it as most do I suppose. Who stands out in your crowd? There is always a rotten egg in the group. My cousin Bess is so jealous of everyone, mostly me, and lays on the wisecracks about me wearing so much black. Vampire insults pierce my heart like a wooden stake. She likes to taunt me every time, and lays it on thick when she gets a reaction. Does she hope I won’t come any more? If I didn’t, she wouldn’t have her own particular good time.  What a mean streak. I just step away and guzzle more beer. I think I personally put a good dent in the kegerator. I should label it with my name.

I couldn’t wait to leave as I had a coven meeting later that night. We were going to watch Vampire Diaries. I personally prefer Tom Cruise as LeStat or other old genre flicks. Everyone complains that we have seen it hundreds of times. So I acquiesced and we had a better time than the family gathering. I had to vent and relate everything that had happened. Remind me not to accept the next invitation.

I am as social as anyone but I have my preferences of people with whom I wish to mix. Time and energy are precious and in short supply. There are plenty of relatives on my list but some I would like to cross off. The older I get, the less tolerant I am of imbeciles. When some of the young ones grow up, they could make better company.