These Boots Are Not Made for Walking

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I have a favorite “coven” outfit to wear to the next vampire’s vixens regional meeting. I have to look hot because I underplayed it last time. A few hints came my way about it, letting me know that I must step it up. Everyone expects the women to go all out for titillation and amusement. It is part of the game. I bought some new thigh high boots with stiletto heels to wear with a black patent leather miniskirt and matching crop top. With wild hair and exaggerated dark eye makeup on a white face, I will look the part this time. I expect people to catch my new look and post them on Instagram. Wearing a costume helps with the public relations for our group. When people see how much fun we have, we gain a crop of new followers. I won’t let anyone down.

The night of the party, I got ready early to make sure that everything fit and was in place. The boots were really hard to pull on. I thought they were my size but the fit is very tight. No matter. They look great. I arrived to great fanfare and the boots were a hit, but let me tell you, they are not made for walking. Neither are they geared for dancing. We had a band that night and I couldn’t resist showing off my skills. Vampires have special moves, some of which focus on biting your partner’s neck. It is a hoot.

As the night wore on, we got more and more into party mode and despite great pain in my feet, I stayed on the dance floor for hours. I knew I would pay the price later. When I got home, my feet were so swollen that I couldn’t get the boots off. I had to wait until morning. It is hard to sleep in thigh boots, my friend. It was a rough night. At the crack of dawn, off came the boots and out came the foot massager. I had bought it a while back when I first got into wearing super high heels. If you are not a sexy vampire, then what is the point? Ha!

The massager worked wonders and gave me great relief. Without a half hour of treatment, I never would have been able to go to work. By the way, I wore loafers that day. I resumed the morning’s massage that night after a good long soak in a hot bath. I used the maximum available setting to get the most pressure. It is almost as good as a professional foot massage. These handheld models are miracle workers. Any woman who is into fashion needs one in her closet. Now, the question is: will I wear those amazing black patent thigh high boots once again? Of course. If you saw them, you would understand why. Meanwhile, I just keep the foot massager handy.